Transportation Management

3rand Up Solutions Srl has chosen TESISQUARE's TESI TMS solution for Transportation Management issues.

Enable an end-to-end transport solution covering all needs in terms of transport type, transport mode and network providing a real-time management and control on transportation process, including multi-leg and multi-supplier (primary and secondary), for all types (truck and train, sea and air).


TESI TMS is a solution developed in web technology to extend the ERP and provide precise control over transport costs and related deliveries (mainly travel planning, tariff agreements, invoice verification, delivery results and performance).


Greater time reduction

  • Automatic valuation of shipping costs;
  • Automatic verification of invoices;
  • Reduction of paper documentation;
  • Evidence of exceptions (advances / delays to loading / delivery, extra costs, anomalies, ...);
  • Reduction of low added value activities: data entry, telephone calls;
  • Shipment Track & Tracing.

Greater control of the supplier

  • Sharing structured data;
  • Booking slot with shared loading / unloading agenda;
  • Evidence of exceptions (advances / delays to loading / delivery, extra costs, anomalies, ...);
  • Shipment Track & Tracing;
  • Service level monitoring (KPI): punctuality, delays, availability, ...;

Greater internal control

  • Order tracking (tracking);
  • Certainty of information;
  • Workflow (Alert & Alarm);
  • Invoice control;
  • Statistics;

Pallet Management Accounting

  • Order tracking (tracking);
  • Certainty of information;
  • Workflow (Alert & Alarm);
  • Invoice control;
  • Statistics;

Over 500 references of all sectors and sizes use the system.The system can also be used in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.




Transport Planning

Improve the travel planning through dashboards and mapping tool managing any type of transport request (inbound and outbound, single-mode and multimodal transport modes) and support the carriers and 3PLs selection.

Optimal Carrier

Minimizes transport costs by automatic comparison (service, lead-time, and cost-benchmarking) of all shipment and the related to 3PLs available.

Route Optimization

Optimize delivery and return taking in consideration the logistic planning constraints (loading / unloading points, orders and vehicles) in order to minimize the costs.



Carrier Engagement

Reduce the operating costs of carrier engagement by improving collabortion efficiency using structured channels, predefined according to different types of carriers or 3PLs, or a collaborative portal with multichannel communication feature.

Booking (loading and unloading)

Reduce waiting times by improving the efficiency of truck use through a collaborative loading and unloading process.

Yard Management

Ensure a continuous flow of material enabling the warehouse or plant’s through-put optimization using a real-time integration with locating systems and graphical tools (layouts).



Track&Trace Visibility

Enable a pro-active management for all shipping types and tracking number information available at item level by providing shipment data and monitor all the transport and logistics phases from taking over to delivery of the goods.

Delivery issue, Claims&POD

Improve track of pallets delivery and minimize freight claim costs by monitoring all delivery documentation (attachments and PoDs at product line level) and reverse logistics.


Improve supply chain KPIs monitoring logistics and transport performance:

  • service level,
  • on-time delivery,
  • Co2 emission control.


Price List&Rate Management

Enable an effective supply chain management by taking control of freight rates and logistics contracts. It manages complex shipping rates too that include fuel-surcharge so reducing the time spent on checking billing and eliminating disagreements.

Transport Cost Control

Streamline costing process by providing real-time calculation for all types of transport costs (base, freight, accessories, and etc.) and allocate the spending to the appropriate cost centre or product line.


Improve the pre-invoice process checking and mismatching in order to validate only actual shipping costs.




Increase the courier delivery process efficiency by allowing you to choose among several contracted options that cross product, destination and types of service in order to make the best choice.

Couriers Track&Trace

Provide detailed shipping information by collecting tracking data that various couriers publish on their sites and harmonizing the various codes in one single prospect.


Handle sales to final customer by addressing e-commerce scenarios integration into Supply Chain model.

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