Supply Chain Geo Risk Map


Supply Chain Geo Risk Map, find out how to anticipate and identify the current and potential risk on the supplier base

Supply Chain Geo Risk Map is a cloud solution that allows you to evaluate the supply risk by geographic area and estimate its impact that could occur over a few weeks.

Starting from the data collection of the main suppliers, the Supply Chain Geo Risk Map will produce and update a dashboard with the evidence of suppliers, articles and open orders based on the diffusion scenarios of COVID-19. The dashboard allows you to identify and correlate production and logistics data and information by geographical area, thus allowing you to support the analysis and execution of possible corrective actions.


Critical supplier

It provides an overview of the suppliers and their degree of risk with respect to geographic positioning

Critical item

Identifies the risk of items not yet confirmed by suppliers

Critical order

Highlight all open and unconfirmed orders that may not close

The solution also features cloud applications that can be activated quickly to manage the processes of:

  • Qualification of alternative suppliers;
  • Rfx e Bid Managment;
  • Order and order confirmation.

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