Supply Chain Execution


Integrate ALL suppliers and contractors regardless of their sector and size
Manage all processes with the supplier in a structured way
Decrease delivery times
Improve the reliability of suppliers
Get a rating on supplier performance
Increase transparency in the relationship with the supplier

Plan, manage and better control the flows of goods and services, from order fulfillment to delivery, taking advantage of the benefits of collaboration and data sharing with suppliers.

3rand Up Solutions Srl has chosen TESISQUARE's TESI SCM solution for Supply Chain Execution issues.

TESI SCM is part of the TESISQUARE PLATFORM and is perfectly integrated with TESI TMS, our transportation management solution to manage transport costs and performance.

TESI SCM is the supply chain solution (sourcing, procurement and execution) to integrate all suppliers and subcontractors, the only truly multi-channel one.

TESI SCM is used by hundreds of companies, heterogeneous as a sector.

It is multi-channel (file flows, EDI, intelligent PDF, OCR, email and portal) so all suppliers can be easily integrated regardless of their degree of computerization.

It is integrated with the main national and international erp:

  • JDE
  • SAP
  • BPCS
  • BAAN
  • Microsoft DINAMICS AX  
  • Microsoft DINAMICS NAV
  • SME UP
  • STEALTH 400
  • STEALTH 3000



Supplier Collaboration

Collaborative Supplier Portal

Speed up the supplier transactions of exchanging documents (i.e. RFx, Contract, purchase orders, purchase order responses, advance shipping notifications, confirmations, and invoices) using a collaborative portal. It manages automated notifications regarding new orders, changes, cancellations, and more such as online news, email or direct integration with EDI flow.

Drawing and Technical Specification

Increase the quality ensuring a correct information to suppliers by sending, enclosed to the order, the drawings and completed technical details of the components or sub-assemblies. The technical order fulfilment are automatic by integration with PLM/PDM systems.

Quality Notification

Streamline the process of Internal and external complaints submission by providing a complete visibility about the results coming from inspections when are detected problems or defects (i.e. poor-quality goods or broken items).

Demand Forecasting

Estimate with more accuracy the customer demand forecasting using the historical sales data and statistical techniques so providing a more in-depth forecast about the items demand for production planning management, inventory management, and replenishment processes.

Collaborative Replenishment

Improve the visibility by sharing data on inventory levels with a collaborative process between clients and suppliers.


Collaborative Purchase Order Management

Order Management

Provide a single point of integration from scattered data coming from orders acknowledgment, change orders, cancellations, and advance shipping notices synchronizing the ERP. Each order lines can included attachments to view such as drawings, certifications and PO delivery.

Purchase Order Retracting

Submit and manage Purchase Orders, Scheduling Agreements or Delivery Plans to suppliers enabling a two-way collaboration so suppliers manage directly change requests (quantity or delivery date) or quotation.

Call-Off and Delivery Schedule

Improve operational activities sharing data regarding scheduling release and delivery plans by receiving early notifications in case of unexpected events so improving the overall efficiency of logistic management. The alerts are trigged by workflows system.



Inbound Visibility

Enable suppliers to create, save, and send Advance Ship Notice (ASN) to plant or purchasing department for approval. The efficient, timely, accurate creation is assured by the pre-populated fields coming from the Purchase Order or Scheduling Agreement.

Packing List&Barcode Label Management

Increase the operative efficiency of tracking activities by deploy and print barcode labels on supplier’s site (at Item or packaging level)selecting data directly from the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) approved and assign unique label to the product.

Product Requirement Validation

Smooth the invoice process by providing the payment authorisation or not (buy-off) after collecting the feedback that the product, service, or system meets the requirements and specifications.

Drop Shipping

Gain efficiencies into retail logistic process by possibility to transfers customer orders directly from manufacturer or wholesaler center without keeping goods in stock.

Unload Booking

Streamline the operational activities and increase efficiency using a shared collaborative digital timetable to schedule the unloading elapset.


Warehouse Management

Picking Layout Analysis & Optimization

Identify the optimal picking location of the items and suggest their movement in order to keep the warehouse layout updated considering logistic needs like seasonality, special operations, assortment etc and create a list of the items wrongly placed, considering their logistic constraints (i.e. product market, module conformity, reference, fragility, etc.).

Handling Chain Management

Streamline the logistic management by suggesting items movements automatically to ease their picking position change with a seamless integration with the warehouse system.


Accounts Payable Automation

Invoice Data Capture

Improve the processing of incoming accounts payable by bringing scattered data coming from scanning paper invoices, import data from electronic invoices received via email or collaboration with suppliers based on an establish electronic invoice networks (i.e. collaborative portal or EDI).

Matching & Management by Exception

Streamline the payment process using workflow that route the different approval steps aligning with the organization’s business rules. The approval process often requires managing different stages handled by different people.

Approval & Coding in General Ledger (GL)

Streamline the payment process using workflow that route and processe the accounts payable aligment with the organization’s business rules. The approval process often requires to manage different stages and are often handled by different people.


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