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E-Commerce Projects

A business project must be feasible on paper, and so we have a large number of experts who can perform the assessment to evaluate your project. It is therefore fundamental to draw up a sales strategy and consider some of the following questions:

  • What products or services do I want to sell?
  • What are my market (domestic, international) and my customer target?
  • To which needs and demands of your potential customers do you wish to respond?
  • What kind of payment do you want to accept on your e-commerce site? Bearing in mind that the form of payment can often be a barrier to sales/em>
  • What kind of assistance do you want to offer your customers?
  • What is the delivery and returns policy?

Once these issues have been decided and the customer has decided to go ahead, we recommend the Storeden , a continually evolving multichannel cloud e-commerce vending system with over 3,000 active stores.

It is integrated with the main channels:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest (as soon as possible)

This enables centralised dialogue with these platforms, saving large amounts of time and greatly increasing efficiency.

CRM Projects

A CRM platform helps to organise all the processes in the sales cycle of our products and solutions, which naturally makes them more efficient.

The achievement of a good customer experience is directly dependent on a vision addressed to defining and measuring goals, and an organisation focused on the control of the business and customer services processes. It enables time saving, cost reduction and increase in revenue .

Therefore, many companies with an online presence adopt a CRM platform for e-commerce.

Some benefits of using a CRM platform in an e-commerce project:

  • Gaining full knowledge of the customer and all his interactions
  • Lead management
  • Management and measurement of the efficacy of marketing campaigns
  • Managment of interactions with the customer, meaning customer service, with the management of cases and solutions.
  • The CRM platform must be integrated with the e-commerce platform

Advanced Digital Marketing Tools

Having advanced tools means saving a great deal of money while being much, much more efficient.

These are a few tools we think are great:

  • Leadchampion, especially for B2B services

To facilitate lead generation, tags can be set for each company to classify the prospects collected or set an email alert for real-time signalling of every new visit by the companies that interest us most.

While Lead Champion discover is a service dedicated mainly to Business to Business companies, Lead Champion booster is intended for B2C and B2B companies, designed to increase nominal contacts through personalised banners.

Lead Champion booster allows configuration of the rules by which the various banners are shown, setting the targets of each campaign

  • Seozoom, the Italian SEO suite
  • Semrush for studying competitors and their audience, especially internationally.

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