Live chat - the virtual assistant for e-commerce - Customer Service with shared vision system


OCT8NE - The only live chat with visual support and integrated catalog that increases sales.

Offer attentive and personalized service

Show the products in your catalog in real time

Sell ​​more using our marketing triggers

Oct8ne is a live chat for customer service with visual support and integrated catalog, which is revolutionizing the way we interact with customers and how online purchases are made in an e-commerce.

Through visual support, both the customer and the agent can see the images and videos of the products in real time in the chat. In this way the agent can directly show the products from the catalog of the online shop and the customer receives personalized and fast attention like that of a physical store, thus integrating offline and online.

With Oct8ne chat you can also:

  • Anticipate customer concerns and needs
  • Filter and identify potential customers with the help of our Bot
  • Optimize the time of your agents who will be able to focus on sales, letting the Bot answer the frequently asked questions of customers

Oct8ne was launched three years ago in the United States, Spain and Latin America. A few months ago it began its expansion also in the Italian, French, Dutch market and in the rest of the countries of northern Europe.

Features Client side:

  1. Shared view of the product: The visitor and the agent see the same images at the same time. Zoom in, pan, pause at one point, and scroll through the images to discover details that are often overlooked. See the product recommendations clearly.
  2. Product Browser: Instantly search, filter and sort products. Use your site's search engine without modifying it.
  3. Cart Controls: Easily add products to cart or wish list with one click, without leaving Shared View.
  4. Information panel: Easily access the history of articles viewed, included in the wish list and in the cart.
  5. Quick Conversations: Chat live with an agent and get instant answers to your questions.
  6. Instant Image Upload: Upload an image to quickly explain what you need.
  7. Agent Interactions: Easily transfer sessions to another agent or chat with a colleague for assistance.

Features Agent side:

  1. Shared product view: Visitor and agent see the same images at the same time. Zoom in, pan, scroll and stop at one point. See all visitor actions and leave reminder notes for customers.
  2. Interactive tools: Collect contact information, submit forms, link by voice, upload images and access a collection of frequently used phrases
  3. Session Manager: Easily switch between chats and quickly prioritize who needs your attention first using our color-based coding system.
  4. Customer information panel: Easily access the history of articles viewed, those included in the wish list or in the cart. Discover your customer's wishes in real time.
  5. Assisted search and catalog: Easily search for products to recommend or take advantage of useful images and videos always at hand
  6. Cart Checks: With one click you can easily add products to the cart or wish list on behalf of the customer.
  7. Increase Conversion Rate: The bot allows agents to dedicate themselves to offering personalized sales assistance, improving communication with customers, proactively displaying products and thus boosting sales.
  8. Artificial intelligence: The bot is able to gather information and learn from conversations with users. In this way, he continuously improves the level of understanding and the type of responses he has to give to customers.

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