Tracking and Handy Inventory for Retail and Distribution


Store inventory management has always been a complex problem. The high number of references, which often differ only in size and color, pose serious difficulties for the staff, who must identify and count each individual object, several times during the year. Even with the use of bar codes, the activity remains complex. For each object displayed on the shelf and in the warehouse, the staff must identify and read the code on the label and this activity requires several hours of many people each time, often with a large number of errors that frustrate the efforts made.

The consequence of these problems is the unexpected stock-out, which arises from the inconsistency between accounting and actual stock and which causes the loss of sales and negative experiences to the customer.

3rd T.H.I.R.D. is the applications’ suite for the control and movement of the material along the distribution chain of consumer goods, which allows easy, fast and precise management of stocks.

Through the integrated use of RFID technologies, mobile computing and application solutions for the physical management of the material in the supply chain, the 3rd T.H.I.R.D. suite enables:

  • automatic identification of individual items and handling units
  • absolute precision in the identification and handling of articles
  • speed of execution, which reduces the work of days to hours and the work of hours to seconds
  • elimination of the stock-out with frequent inventories thanks to the ease and speed of execution

3rd RFID Store inventory

RFID inventories at the point of sale allow to keep physical control of the material and to easily locate the items people are looking for. 3rd integrates with purchase orders, inter-store transfers and sales to provide real-time inventory. RFID inventories allow to frequently check the real presence of items, immediately highlighting discrepancies due to leaks and damage.

3rd Lean Flow

The physical warehouse management deals with the production of RFID tags, the storage of goods received from the production and the supplier, their shipment and reception at the point of sale. Lean Flow automates and speeds up material handling, eliminating shipping errors forever.

3rd Tablet Inventory

The inventory becomes quick and easy with the use of RFID readers, handy and light, connected to the store's tablet. The tablet becomes the control center, from which to consult stocks, launch total or brand inventories, search for a product. From the same tablet, the sales assistant can use 1st Tablet NFC in the relationship with the customer, presenting a product sheet, checking availability at the store or at nearby stores.

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