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The term "Inventory Differences" (I.D.) is an accounting concept, which reflects the difference between the financial income that should have been made based on inventory and purchases and the amount actually obtained.

The main causes of losses due to inventory differences are the theft of goods by customers, employees or suppliers, but also a series of small or large errors along the processes, in the labeling or in the assignment of prices, which generate losses of “inventory”. In addition to preventing losses due to various causes, having reliable data on the I.D. by department or even better by individual reference is the goal of every company in the Organized Distribution.

2nt SEC.ON.T is the applications’ suite designed for the prevention and control of inventory differences which includes innovative RFID-based Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and which allows precise control of the movement of goods and their management at the point of sale, initially highlighting any discrepancies.  2nt products enable to:

  • labeling at the source or at the point of sale with the coding of serialized and EAS items
  • absolute precision in identifying the items entering and checking out
  • speed and frequency in checking inventory differences.
  • implementation of an RFID and mixed anti-shoplifting solution with reusable, dual technology smart labels and hard tags
  • integration to checkout systems with solutions designed for in-store check-out
  • management and traceability of the material at the point of sale, from receipt to check-out

2nt EAS

2nt EAS : it allows to complement or eventually replace the traditional anti-shoplifting systems with RFID readers that use standard labels for logistics and inventory management. Reusable anti-shoplifting systems can also be used, by removing them from the object and deactivating them at the cash point.

2nt Receiving

2nt Receiving : allows you to check the material received from the supplier and to code the EAS RFID systems at the entrance to the store, starting from the EAN13 code of the article 2nt Pay : allows to process sales procedures quickly by deactivating the anti-shoplifting label of the article or detaching the hard tag, while transferring the EAN13 code of the article to the checkout system.

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