Product digital identity, anti-counterfeiting and 1 to 1 customer engagement


3rand Up Solutions has chosen the TESISQUARE Tesi PYB platform as its high-tech certification system.

Tesi PYB is an anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement solution that can interface with various IoT platforms to guarantee products' origin and traceability and deliver a unique customer experience.

An IoT platform that reinforces products' origin and traceability through a unique customer experience.

With Tesi PYB, companies can give their products a digital identity able to guarantee their authenticity and establish a relationship with the final consumer.

Integrating Tesi PYB with the company's IT system enables automatic generation of the digital profile of each object right from the production phase: if a QrCode or an NFC containing the PYB code is applied to the product, it acquires its own digital identity.

Scanning the Tesi PYB code with a smartphone reveals the entire supply chain to the final customer (storytelling), also guaranteeing the product's authenticity. This storytelling triggers interaction with the customer, offering a new purchasing and after-sales engagement experience.

All distributed data are collected on Blockchain to provide transparency and security.

Tesi PYB guarantees the utmost brand protection and value in the high-end and luxury product sector (including collectors' items), especially for the fashion industry (clothing, footwear, eyewear, accessories, etc.).

The ability to monitor the entire market sector globally, to establish collaborative dynamics between the Brands and their customers (reporting of fake products through an App) and to apply the system both for in-store sales and for e -commerce, make Tesi PYB an important tool in the fight against counterfeiting which can be easily integrated into existing management and anti-counterfeiting systems.


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