Interactive Store e Shopping Experience


Innovate, excite, improve the level of service to increase the conversion rate: these are the challenges facing modern distribution today.

Hence the need to increase interactivity at the point of sale, offering the customer increasingly involving shopping experiences that make the best use of technologies, integrating them with the activities of the sales employee, making the relationship with the customer increasingly effective.

3randUp Solutions has selected the suite of applications 1st F.I.R.S.T in order to implement interactive store and shopping experience.

Through the integrated use of RFID, NFC, IoT, multimedia technologies and customer engagement solutions that range from the WEB, to the Mobile, up to the Shelf and Smart Dressing Room within the point of sale, 1st F.I.R.S.T. products enable to:

  • identify the item chosen and tested by the customer
  • enhance the product with digital multimedia content
  • offer the customer the ideal outfit by facilitating cross-selling, and up-selling
  • present instant promotions and allow you to create personalized campaigns on the customer and on the spot
  • connect the customer to the sales employee and social networks thanks to an innovative use of loyalty cards and NFC smartphones
  • analyze the behavior of the public at the point of sale by providing a valuable guide to merchandising and marketing

1st Smart Fitting Room

It provides the customer with detailed information on the products by involving him in the experience of the show and the showroom, offers complementary products for his personalized look and information on their availability at the store, allowing to request them from the sales assistant, without leaving the dressing room.

Recognizing the customer through the NFC smartphone or his contactless loyalty card, Smart Fitting Room offers targeted promotions and allows the customer to share his shopping experience with friends of social networks. It provides merchandising and marketing with real-time information on the testing of the garments and their customer satisfaction.

1st Smart Shelf

It allows to recognize the "touch" of the objects and to vary contents and videos on the shelf monitor according to the product touched.

1st Tablet NFC

All information at your tablet. Just bring it closer to the label to get the product data sheet, view the press review of the collection, the availability of the article in various sizes at the store or other points of sale of the sign.

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