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3rand Up Solutions - Nasce 3rand Up Solutions per supportare i brand nella loro value proposition Dario_Pacotto_DEF_COL


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Coronavirus does not stop the hopes of new entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial project was born from the union of intent of a team with a contagious enthusiasm that shares ideals, values and business philosophy and aims to develop projects with a high evolutionary impact.

NewCo 3rand Up Solutions fully embodies the union between tradition and innovation, history and vision, human and tech. The company name was chosen not by chance to clearly reflect the desire to build a journey characterized by an alchemy and an important design affinity to design a value proposition destined to leave its mark over time.

“As administrator and new entrepreneur - says Dario Pacotto (pictured), 3rand Up Solutions administrator - I am really happy that this project is starting despite the emergency health situation due to Covid-19. I hope that what we are doing, especially in this period, is a strong message and that despite all the economy and entrepreneurship, primarily the Italian one, it does not stop and indeed goes on. I sincerely hope that our project is an element of hope for all those people who are today are rightly worried; I am convinced that together we will get out and I together with my partners, with this project, we are the first to believe it. "

3rand Up Solutions is able to integrate end-to-end strategy, innovation and technology, guaranteeing the customer a synergistic offer of all his skills.

"After the Coronavirus crisis, companies will have the primary objective of returning to the sales levels of the pre-health emergency," says Paolo Caffagni, Founder and CSMO of 3rand Up Solutions, so all efforts and budgets will be dedicated to this goal. . Companies will have to sell online and activate e-commerce channels if not present and strengthen existing ones, or sell where the Coronavirus emergency will end, primarily in China, strengthening the organization for sale in this large country. 3rand Up Solutions is a commercial agency for Industry 4.0 and a facilitator to achieve this goal as it is a network of very innovative companies with very high added value, all with great experience and references ".

"3rand Up Solutions - says Rinaldo Rinaldi, Founder and CTO of 3rand Up Solutions - is a very innovative concept born with the aim of supporting companies operating in the Made in Italy sectors through an intelligent framework that extends its native coverage through deep and tested integrations with industry best of breed solutions. The goal of NewCo is to support companies in defining and defending their core values through ICT solutions, not only to strengthen their history, but also to ensure that they remain relevant in these years of changes. "



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