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3rand Up Solutions has chosen the Process Factory brand 4sustainability® to support its customers with products and solutions for the transformation of business models in a sustainable perspective. 3rand Up Solutions provides four distinct but complementary "platforms", in which sustainability approach is inserted as a transversal value for business development.

Brand value platform. Through IOT / RFID projects, the products take on their own digital identity: this allows the consumer to tell their "story" and their sustainability contents, involving them in a communicative experience that can bring them emotionally closer to the brand.

Digital marketing & e-commerce platform. An articulated system of solutions that reinterpret in an innovative key the concept of e-commerce, with the creation of multi-channel online stores - on social networks and on the main online retailers - and connected tools to manage influencers, for example, or analyze traffic to improve your positioning.

Sustainability platform. The 4sustainability® brand services allow companies to "grow sustainable" thanks to the implementation of projects which, starting from a photograph of the initial situation, develop into activities aimed at achieving results identified as priorities. From this point of view, the support of advanced tools for monitoring and managing data and measuring performance in a logic of continuous improvement is fundamental.

Supply chain & transportation management platform. Monitoring suppliers and couriers to optimize costs and performance from a sustainable point of view is an essential competitive advantage, which 3rand Up Solutions makes accessible thanks to a cutting-edge management platform.

Dario Pacotto

"Our goal is to push the potential of brands to create lasting value - says Dario Pacotto, administrator & founder of 3rand Up Solutions. The key point is innovation: having a digital identity for companies means being able to communicate directly with the consumer, telling their products and highlighting their strengths and distinctive values. One of the key values to communicate to the market is sustainability and for this reason we have choosen Process Factory, a pioneer of sustainability in Italy".

“We have always believed in partnerships as a multiplier of skills. 3rand Up Solutions - explains Francesca Rulli, CEO of Process Factory and founder of 4sustainability® - is a partner strongly devoted to digital, able to sensitize the market transversely on the advantages of making a sustainable and strong business model its own of a range of IT solutions and tools structured to meet all the major needs expressed by companies in a logic of support for innovation ".


3rand Up Solutions is a NewCo founded in April 2020 to offer companies operating in the Made in Italy sectors - especially Fashion & Luxury and Manufacturing - solutions capable of being a true enabling element and a distinctive factor in a changing and constant industrial context evolution, characterized by an increasingly challenging time-to-market and specific business needs. The knowledge of the logics and main business processes is combined with the expertise of people with a technological DNA. 3rand Up Solutions has chosen, among its partners, companies that have developed highly innovative and solid software platforms and vertical solutions.

Evento Annuale 4sustainability (settima edizione) dal titolo 2020 punto e a capo. La filiera della moda verso un’accelerazione necessaria.

Process Factory is a company specialized in supporting companies with integrated solutions for sustainability on processes, people and performance. Founded in 2008, is a member of Textile Exchange and contributor to ZDHC, as well as the first training provider in Italy for chemical management. Collaborates with international initiatives such as GRI and SAC. 4sustainability is the Process Factory line of services for the sustainable development of the Fashion & Luxury brands and the supply chain. Today, over 130 references between international brands and companies in the best Italian supply chain rely on Process Factory and 4s protocols to implement concrete actions for sustainable development.



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