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Sustainability will be a fundamental part of companies, consumers will only want better sustainable companies with a circular economy. Investment funds will invest more in sustainable companies. To declare yourself sustainable, you need certification from specific bodies and tools to collect the data to be analyzed.

3rand Up Solutions has chosen 4sustainability®, the Process Factory Srl brand that certifies the adherence of fashion & luxury companies to the roadmap for sustainability. The release and maintenance of the brand are subject to the implementation of one or more coherent initiatives, as well as compliance with strict requirements on which constant monitoring is exercised.

Today, over 130 realities between international brands and companies from the best Italian supply chain rely on Process Factory and 4sustainability® to implement concrete actions for sustainable development. Process Factory is an Italian company specialized in supporting the transformation of business models into sustainable business models, intervening on processes, people and tools for the continuous improvement of performance.

Founded in 2008, Process Factory adheres to Global Compact, is a member of Textile Exchange and contributor of ZDHC, as well as the first accredited training provider in Italy for chemical management. Collaborates regularly with international initiatives such as GRI and SAC.


Each proposal of 3rand Up Solutions under the 4sustainability® brand is characterized by vision, method, supporting IT tools and a team of qualified professionals.

vision4sustainability® does not provide spot solutions to specific emergencies, but integrated projects for continuous improvement

methodthe approach the customer's need is always scientific, based on recognized and measurable performance indicators (KPIs)

toolseach 4sustainability® initiative includes the support of IT tools developed to innovate the service making the data complex more solid

teambehind the 4sustainability® brand are the men and women of Process Factory, a united and passionate team led by the same values and the same orientation towards results

Becoming a 4sustainability® company is a transformation process structured in four steps.

STEP 1 (ASSESSMENT) - We photograph the reality of the company to identify the priorities on which to build the action plan.

STEP 2 (PROJECT) - We carry out the defined interventions, implementing the system according to the reference protocol.

STEP 3 (CERTIFICATION) - We issue the annual validity mark with the guidelines for its use, the digital certificate and the related reporting.

STEP 4 (MONITORING) - We constantly monitor compliance with the requirements of the protocol implemented for the maintenance of the brand.


Adherence to the 4sustainability® roadmap takes concrete form in the implementation of one or more initiatives, to be implemented through the project - built on a standard protocol, IT tool and dedicated guidelines - and on transversal training activities that precede and / or follow the completion of the project.

  • MATERIALS: the gradual replacement of raw materials with sustainable alternatives
  • CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT: the elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals in production in accordance with the ZDHC program
  • RECYCLE: the creation of a traceability and guarantee system for recycled products
  • CLIMATE: the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere
  • PEOPLE: the analysis and improvement of the state of well-being within the organization
  • CSR: the construction of certifiable management systems and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) calculation
  • MONITORING: monitoring the supply chain for supply chain transparency
  • REPORTING: sustainability reporting with reference to the GRI standard (Global Reporting Initiative)

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